“There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” -Red Smith

Looking Back

Posted at 5:05 pm

I don’t really know Rachel all that well – just enough to know that she is Jewish. So when I bumped into her the other day, our conversation turned quickly to that subject. I had been doing some research on the Jewish High Holy Days, which began this week with Rosh Hashanah. “I always thought […]

Posted at 5:00 pm

In retrospect, the young man in the red sweat pants was probably just looking for a little acceptance when he jumped in on the conversation between two very trendy-looking (read: scary) young women at the commuter rail station. “Ya know, like, it’s my life, ya know,” the young woman with the nose ring was saying.  […]

It’s the middle of the day. You’re walking – or driving or working or bicycling – along a busy highway that borders a university campus when you come upon a serious traffic accident that has just occurred. A motorcycle is lying on the roadway, in flames. A badly damaged automobile is stopped near the motorcycle, […]

Posted at 4:54 pm

(The following column was written Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2001, as events unfolded. It is reprinted this week in remembrance . . . and hope.) The world changed Tuesday morning. A thick cloud of smoke and dust still hangs heavily over the New York City skyline. Firefighters and emergency personnel are responding to crises in […]