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Looking Back

Posted at 10:56 am

 She sits there — alone — every lunch hour. Not that she’s antisocial or anything like that.  It’s more like junior high school is anti-her.  She doesn’t wear the “right” clothes.  And she doesn’t have the “right” look.  And she doesn’t have the “right” friends.  And she isn’t up on all of the “right” things. Which makes her wrong.  All wrong. […]

Posted at 12:09 am

My eldest son, Joe, is trying to save my life. Even if it kills me. “I want you to be around to play with my grandkids,” he said. No big deal, I thought. For Joe, grandchildren are probably only a decade away. “I’m only 56, Son,” I said. “I think I can make it for […]

Posted at 9:38 pm

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that heights make Kathie nervous. Terrified would be more accurate. So would apoplectic. Or just plain “scared to death.” But nervous? No way. Nervous doesn’t begin to tell the story. But if that is true – and it is – what on earth was she doing on top of […]


My young cyber friend, David, has a problem. His parents divorced when he was little. He and his brother lived with his mother in Kenya, where she worked hard to provide food, a home and family life for her boys, with precious little help or support from their father. “Our life was hard, but there […]