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Looking Back

Posted at 3:18 pm

I wouldn’t say that Baroque Monkey was a bad rock group. We were BEYOND bad. We were terrible. Abysmal would also be a good word for us. So would dreadful. We were great at being dreadful – which, come to think of it, would have made us the Great-full Dread. Which would have been a […]

Posted at 1:31 am

It isn’t that I don’t like jewelry. Rather, it appears that jewelry doesn’t like me. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, jewelry and I do not get along. I accidentally destroyed the first watch that I owned – an ugly incident with a lathe in 8th grade metal shop. A few […]

Posted at 9:27 pm

There will be a tiny baby sprawled comfortably in Beth’s lap during Thanksgiving dinner this year. That’s not all that unusual. She has eight nieces and nephews who have invaded her lap space from time to time during Thanksgivings past. But this year it will be decidedly different: for the first time in Beth’s 23 […]

Adam and Andrea picked a great time to move to New York City. No, really. They did. Never mind that they moved into town just a few days before Superstorm Sandy did. Forget that the much-anticipated audition, the one that would give Adam the opportunity to showcase his considerable talents for an array of Broadway […]