"John was willing -- even anxious -- to take the blame. And I was willing to let him -- guilty though I was."


Posted at 11:30 pm

It was a glorious spring day. As active, energetic teenagers, we were going a little stir crazy after being cooped up in stuffy classrooms most of the winter. We needed fresh air. From my 18-year-old perspective, it would be healthy – not to mention fun – to go outside for a while. Which is why [...]

Posted at 1:15 am

I’m not exactly sure how this guardian angel thing works. I don’t know if it’s an assignment for only the most cherubic angels (or the most angelic cherubs, if you prefer), or if it’s penance for those whose haloes need a little polishing before they’re ready for their eternal reward. Whatever it is, my family [...]

Posted at 6:03 pm

My friend, Jeremy, doesn’t have a degree in philosophy. There’s no Dr. in front of his name, no Ph.D., Ed.D or J.D. after it. The Times doesn’t call him when it needs a profound quote on an abstract subject, and he’s not on speed dial for CNN, Fox News, NPR or Oprah. But he’s a [...]

Posted at 11:23 pm

Nobody seems to know exactly how the practice of April Fools’ Day originated. Theories abound, ranging from the Calendar Change Theory (holding that those who stubbornly clung to the spring as the start of the New Year rather than Jan. 1 were considered fools and were roundly teased every April 1) to the Hilaria Theory [...]

Posted at 6:41 pm

According to legend, Saint Patrick’s greatest claim to fame was being charismatic enough to charm all of Ireland’s snakes off of the Emerald Isle and into the sea, where they drowned. I love that legend. Of course, I love any story that results in fewer snakes – legendary or otherwise. But I can’t help but [...]

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Mom was a good cook. No, I take that back. She was a great cook. She could take a little hamburger, a few potatoes and some canned tomatoes and whip up a feast that would make Bobby Flay weep. And the things she could do with a chicken . . . well, it makes my [...]

Posted at 5:18 am

To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to embrace Twitter, probably because my idea of social networking is a nice piece of bond paper, a quality pen and a stamp. What can I say? I’m old. But having taken the technological plunge this week (@JoeWalkerSr), I’m starting to think maybe I was born to Tweet. While [...]

Posted at 12:33 am

I don’t remember exactly when Amy started making The Noise.   I just remember hearing it and thinking it was cute because . . . well, it was.  I’d try to write it out phonetically for you here, but noises are sort of difficult to translate into text.  Especially cute ones.  You can do screaming [...]

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He was born in 1845 in an obscure village in western Pennsylvania. His given name was Daniel, but everyone called him Little Dan, even after Big Dan – his father – was killed in a farming accident just four years after his only son was born. Big Dan’s death left a lot of responsibility on [...]

Posted at 5:47 pm

I just wanted to give my guests a bagel. Honest. That’s all I wanted to do. I wasn’t trying to bribe them. I wasn’t trying to buy them with boiled bread, or schmear their character with cream cheese. I just wanted to give them a bagel to eat so they wouldn’t starve to death during [...]