"David preaches a fine and entertaining sermon on Sunday and then goes out and practices what he preaches the rest of the week."


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March 1 is St. David’s Day. It’s a very big day in Wales. Of course, most of us are not in Wales. If we were I would be saying, “Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant hapus.” That’s “Happy St. David’s Day” in Welsh. Oh, and I’d probably be saying it over a bowl of cawl, a stew [...]

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I have always enjoyed getting my hair cut. Even as a kid, I don’t remember complaining about getting a haircut until about ninth grade, when I was more interested in trying to impress girls with my long, curly locks than I was in maintaining my comfortable, functional buzz cut. I think I came by it [...]

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I first noticed Anita – really noticed her – at a church Valentine’s Day dance. OK, so I wasn’t the only one. Pretty much every other guy at the dance noticed her, too. How could you not? She was amazing. And not just because she was beautiful, with her shoulder-length blonde hair, her larger-than-life eyes [...]

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The doctors called it “failure to thrive.” What that meant for little Benji is he wasn’t putting on any weight. He was eating well and doing all the things a newborn is supposed to do. He seemed to be in good health, generally. He had even grown a couple of inches in length. But when [...]

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As far as I could tell, there was only one problem with Super Bowl I. The Green Bay Packers weren’t green. They were blue. And even though I had never before seen a professional football game live and in living color, I had read enough from my subscription to Sports Illustrated to know that the [...]

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Nile isn’t a good speechwriter – he’s a great speechwriter. He works in an industry that isn’t really known for elegant syntax and passionate prose. The people with whom he works are super smart, and amazing at being able to figure stuff out. But put them in front of an audience to explain that stuff [...]

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I’m a sucker for lists. I see a list on some website – you know, the 25 best this, or the 10 worst that – and I’m on it, pointing and clicking feverishly until I’ve consumed every bit of ordered information. I even have a list about lists. It’s called The Top Three Things I [...]

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We Walkers are word people. It isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Among my five children and their respective spouses we have a poet, an attorney, three journalists, two actors/producers, several students and all manner of writers. We do words – personally and professionally. We write. We talk. We argue. And then [...]

I hate New Year’s Eve. I really do. I can’t help it. Every New Year’s Eve, my conscience thinks it has to do one of those “Year in Review” numbers on me. And for some reason, it always seems to play like a sports blooper reel. Let’s go to the video tape: – “Here’s Joe [...]

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We’re up to our mistletoes in Christmas metaphors this year. Go ahead. Pick a character in the Bible Christmas story. We’ve got a real life metaphor right here, right now in our family. Throw in a few camels, a couple of cows and a ton of hay and we’d give you a living Nativity that [...]