"There are Christmas metaphors in all of our lives if we look for them."


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We’re up to our mistletoes in Christmas metaphors this year. Go ahead. Pick a character in the Bible Christmas story. We’ve got a real life metaphor right here, right now in our family. Throw in a few camels, a couple of cows and a ton of hay and we’d give you a living Nativity that [...]

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My colleague, Martin, is Jewish. Sort of. Pretty much. Well … mostly. He was born into a profoundly orthodox Jewish family. At least, his grandparents were profoundly orthodox, as were his great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents and so on back to … well … Moses, I guess. His parents – not so much. They didn’t turn away [...]

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There’s an elephant in the room. And I can’t write about it. That’s frustrating, because writing about elephants is sort of what I do. For nearly a quarter of a century now, I’ve tried to use this space to write about contemporary issues from the perspective of traditional values. Usually I use stories from my [...]

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I’m not much of a betting man, but if I were I’d give about 100-to-1 odds that within two minutes after time expires in any of the Big Games that will be played during the next month or two, somebody will stick a microphone in the face of some sweaty player who will enthusiastically thank [...]

“Dad, I’ve made an executive decision.” Joe Jr. used to make pronouncements like that when he was a teenager. Back then, what followed was often distressing, if not downright frightening. But since he is now in his mid-thirties and has his own family, car and mortgage, I figured I was in pretty safe territory. “OK,” [...]

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I totally understand the jubilation you could clearly see on the faces of exuberant European Space Agency (ESA) officials this week when their remarkable Philae landing probe caught up with – and landed on – a comet. I felt the exact same thing when I fixed the door on our washing machine. The glory of [...]

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Wanda scanned the letter feverishly. Eventually, she would read it more carefully. No, that wasn’t quite right. Eventually, she would memorize the letter. But for now there was only one thing she wanted to know. She found it on the bottom of the last page: “P.S. Please encourage Aunt Rachel Little.” Oh, no, Wanda gasped [...]

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It was around this time of year a few years ago, and my wife, Anita, was driving along a tree-lined country road near our home with a carload of young thespians who were already late for dress rehearsal. It was not a good time to be unavoidably delayed. But then, when is? Anita was trying [...]

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I’ll be honest – we haven’t always had a great church choir. Which is kind of weird because we have some pretty terrific singers in the congregation. For example, Sterling sang on a Grammy Award-winning album or two. Rick and Holly did a Mary and Joseph thing during last year’s Christmas program that was so [...]

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There was a time in my life when I wasn’t exactly sure who my mother was. Was it the older woman with the jet black hair and olive skin? Or was it the fresh-faced, brown-haired teenager, the one everyone called Jean? For the first few years it was truly puzzling until I figured it out: [...]