“There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” -Red Smith

Looking Back

Posted at 11:35 am

It was the first Valentine’s Day in our new neighborhood, and I wanted to impress my new friends. So I ceremoniously brought out my treasure: a bright red, heart-shaped box, filled with red and white jelly beans, candy conversation hearts, red licorice and chocolate-covered marshmallow hearts. “Won’t your Mom get mad?” Ron asked as I took […]

Posted at 10:07 am

Mark’s eyes were closed, but there was intensity etched elsewhere on his face as he seemed to consciously struggle for each breath. “Not a good time of year for this sort of thing,” I said to his daughter, Annette, who had come to the nursing home on the first day of December to pick up […]


I don’t know how it is at your house, but when our kids were growing up there were always two questions that invariably occupied an inordinate amount of time and attention this time every year: what were the children going to be for Halloween, and where did Mom hide the trick-or-treat candy? Through the years, […]

Posted at 9:20 pm

This Father’s Day I’m going to be thinking about Greg. Not because he’s the world’s best or most experienced father. As this is being written, Greg has officially been a father for a grand total of 29 hours. But in that long day-plus-five-hours of fatherhood he has experience: the wondrous thrill of childbirth; the overwhelming […]

Posted at 8:56 pm

It was a miracle, I tell you. An absolute miracle. We were in the midst of an 11-hour car trip, and Alexander was done. He was only a few weeks old at the time, and he had pretty much been held and cuddled his whole life long. This being strapped into a car seat for […]

Posted at 11:33 pm

My colleague, Sharie, was tired.  You could see it in her eyes, on her face and in the way she walked. She was weary.  Worn down.  Exhausted.  Drained. No question about it: a classic case of NPSS.  You know: New Parent Shock Syndrome. “Long night with the baby?” I asked. She nodded.  “I think he’s […]

Posted at 11:23 pm

You might say that 6-year-old Cindy was a child of the streets. Only in her case, it had nothing to do with socio-economics. It had to do with fun. Cindy loved to play in the street with her friends – an entertainment choice with which her parents were understandably uncomfortable. They did everything they could […]

Posted at 10:05 pm

Not too long ago I had a chance to watch a family of red-tailed hawks in the midst of the fledging process. Ornithologically speaking, this is the process through which baby birds are coaxed to leave the nest, spread their little wings out and fly.  In the case of the Mama Hawk I was watching […]