“There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” -Red Smith

Looking Back

Posted at 12:21 pm

Janelle was running late for work, so she just had time for a quick look at herself in the mirror as she was going out the door. What she saw there made her stop dead in her tracks. Her white blouse was — shudder! — wrinkled. Normally, this would not be a huge problem for […]

Posted at 11:40 am

I don’t mean to be morbid or anything, but what if the Mayan calendar is right? Of course, I realize that there is considerable disagreement about whether or not the Mayan calendar actually predicts the end of the world due to “cataclysmic events” (like collisions with black holes, asteroids or a planet called “Nibiru”) on […]

Posted at 12:17 pm

The recent re-release of Disney’s “The Lion King” (3D! Blu-ray! Diamond Edition 2-disc set!) takes me back to the day Anita and I took our five children to see the animated film when it was released in 1994. Even with a 2-year-old in tow, the cinematic experience was pretty overwhelming. I don’t know what came […]

Posted at 8:12 pm

It was the perfect evening for a walk in the early fall – warm, but not too warm. The sky was surpassingly clear, and a wondrously radiant harvest moon – or was it a hunter’s moon? I  get those two confused – illuminated the neighborhood streets with a gentle, comforting glow. Anita and Beth took […]

Posted at 4:54 pm

(The following column was written Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2001, as events unfolded. It is reprinted this week in remembrance . . . and hope.) The world changed Tuesday morning. A thick cloud of smoke and dust still hangs heavily over the New York City skyline. Firefighters and emergency personnel are responding to crises in […]

Posted at 4:49 pm

I’m not saying they are heroes or anything like that. Not exactly. But as far as I’m concerned, the Murphy family did a pretty heroic thing last weekend. They watched a movie. And not just any movie.  No, sir. As fierce winds from Hurricane Irene shook windows in their apartment building, bending trees all around […]


Memo to my friends in the class of ’73: I have important news. Once in a lifetime news. News you’ve waiting 38 years to hear. I can finally grow sideburns! I know that you have been waiting for this moment, so you can move on with your lives now. My facial hair has come in. […]

Posted at 4:19 pm

It would be way too simplistic to say that Gayle and I were childhood sweethearts. Accurate, maybe. But simplistic. Those two words – “childhood sweethearts” – don’t begin to summarize the up and down, back and forth, on-again off-again nature of our relationship between second grade and senior year. One year we were playing kissing […]

Posted at 9:41 pm

There’s no other way to say this: I screwed up. Three weeks into a new job, and I make a mistake that my boss calls “extremely embarrassing” in a company-wide e-mail – which, by the way, he writes because he feels he needs to explain that what I did is something no one on the […]

Posted at 9:38 pm

Lauren and Travis chatted casually as they drove down the highway. It was past dark – a little darker than usual because of a missing street light or two. But their mood was light and the music on the CD player was upbeat. It was a great night to be young and alive. Suddenly the […]